South Freeport Residence

South Freeport house

This house replaced an old building that had suffered greatly over the years. It contains a number of highly efficient features in a relatively traditional package. Walls that are 12 inches thick with cellulose insulation produces a remarkably energy-efficient shell, for example.

Freeport residence

The goal was to design a large house that still fit into the context of the “village “ community. The varied roofs provided volume, while keeping the style harmonious with the rest of the neighborhood.

Kitchen interior

We designed the kitchen to include a breakfast nook “bump out,” allowing for lots of light in both the kitchen and eating area.

South Freeport house

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, we expanded the space to include an informal sitting area and fireplace, as well as a connected screened-in porch. The open design creates specific areas that work together — and accentuates the kitchen as the center of social activity.

South Freeport house

A traditional, formal living room is located at the front of the house. The bay windows here are echoed in the breakfast nook.

Howard Street Renovation


Located in the heart of Munjoy Hill, this house was renovated from top to bottom and esentially reframed from the inside. The interior was opened up and reconfigured.

original stairway

The original staircase had a beautiful curving design that was common when the house was built. However, the original floorplan hid the stairway and buried it into a dark hallway.

old and new

The fence marks the line between the public and private parts of the yard. It is also where the house transitions from the original exterior design to a more mordern look.

The major challenge of this building was its long, narrow shape. We carefully considered the creative placement of travel paths between the front and back of the house.

This is the entrance to the master bedroom, located at the rear of the second floor.

Foreside Renovation

308 Foreside

This house was completely renovated and updated with all new systems throughout, while maintaining the original character of the house. The entry and kitchen were opened up and expanded.

308 Foreside

The kitchen and the entry to the house were opened up and expanded.

308 Foreside

The new kitchen is flooded with lots of natural light.


We reconfigured the kitchen to create two large openings that connect it to the living space in the middle of the house. The result is a more open feeling and more natural light.

Merrill Street Transformation

Moon rising over Merrill St.

The challenge was to take a very plain, boxy two-unit apartment building and transform it into something visually interesting, while working within very specific spatial confines. The introduction of a “tower” helped to break up the ordinary lines of the building, without breaking zoning laws. The tower also houses a beautiful spiral staircase, which dramatically changed the interior as well.


There was only one balcony in the original plan, but now each unit has its own private balcony. Subtle angles and clean lines add a modern twist to the entire building.

Roof top deck

The rooftop deck is an addition that offers views of Munjoy HIll and Cousins Island — and another space to entertain and socialize.

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