Maine Historical Society

"Dressing Up | Fitting In | Standing Out: Adornment and Identity in Maine"

MHS Dressing Up

This exhibition was a pleasure to work on, in part because of the wide variety of objects on view. Note how this wedding dress emerges from the grey wall. Next to the dress, though not visible in this image, is the original pattern for the dress.

Maine Historical Society

The introduction to “Dressing Up” features an exquisite brooch that King Don Juan VI gave to General Henry Dearborn after Dearborn gave the king refuge on his ship during an uprising in 1822. The brooch contains a miniature portrait of Don Juan and is framed by diamonds. Above the brooch is a portrait of Dearborn. The case for the brooch is lit internally with an LED strip, highlighting the diamonds.

Children's Museum of Maine

"Ship Ahoy!"

ship at the Children's Museum of Maine

This ship filled the entire first floor of the main gallery at the Children’s Museum. We produced a fun exhibit with lots of interactive components, despite a tight budget, by using simple materials, such as plywood and 2x4s for the hull.

"The Farm"

Children's Museum of Maine

This simple exhibit combines pretend play, counting and simple mechanics for hours of fun and informal learning.

Maine Discovery Museum


ship at the Maine Discovery Museum

This ship was fabricated by an actual boat builder. It is made of aluminum and is very rugged. Best of all, the materials and construction are authentic and evoke the real thing, which added to the immersive experience.

crane at the Maine Discovery Museum

The crane was an especially fun, interactive feature of this exhibit.

ship detail

This detail of the pilot house shows the use of authentic materials, which helped visitors make a real-world connection.

Maine Discovery Museum, Diner

This environment for open-ended play lets the child be in charge. Kid-sized elements and bright colors make role-reversal simple and fun.

Portland Museum of Art

"iSee Kiosks and Interpretive Stations"

Portland Museum of Art

The Portland Museum of Art was looking for a new way for visitors to experience the Museum’s permanent collection. We worked with the Museum to develop seven multimedia kiosks, which are now placed throughout the collection.

Portland Museum of Art

Visitors can engage with the collection using a variety of media. Each side contains a different element — two iTouch devices, brochures, and an activity station built into a door — and expands the viewers’ experience of the collection.

Saco Museum

"Making History: Art and Industry in the Saco River Valley"

Saco Museum

This exhibition presents an amazing array of objects spanning 300 years.

Saco Museum

The dark blue columns provide a focus for each section and highlight a special piece from the collection.

Discovery drawers

The discovery drawers allowed for the presentation of more objects, promoted visitor interaction, and protected sensitive materials.

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