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We are story tellers.

We listen to your team.

We engage with your content.

We transform your goals into a multidimensional experience.

We are Prospect Design, based in Portland, Maine.



What we do

We create exhibitions for art, history, science and children’s museums, fostering social interaction through thoughtful design and planning. Our creative and economical use of materials and methods achieve memorable results for museums of all sizes. We design multi-sensory experiences for visitors that arouse curiosity, engage the mind, and are just plain fun.

How we do it

We start with the visitor. How can we entice her to engage? What will capture his imagination? We work with the museum team — and within the budget — to understand who the target audiences are and how we can deliver the best experience.

We offer a range of services, including: visitor experience design, content development, writing and research, exhibition design, environmental graphics, project management, specialized fabrication, prototyping, and installation.


What we do

We design residential and commercial properties, from renovations and additions, to brand new custom homes. We see buildings as experiences — living and social spaces for the people who use them, designed for how they use them. Using this approach, we help clients realize and reveal the potential of their property.

How we do it

By listening carefully to the client, we create his or her vision in three dimensions. But we aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions. With our knowledge of building science and products, plus extensive experience with construction, we craft designs that are creative, comfortable, connected to nature and builder-friendly.

We blend a preference for clean modern lines with the best of traditional vernacular design.


What we do

We design environments for retail, work and play: memorable retail spaces, offices that are a pleasure to work in, and immersive exhibitions for play.

How we do it

We start with the user. Who is your audience and how do you want them to be transformed? What is the outcome you want for your customer, client or guest? That is our design goal.

We offer a broad range of services, from concept development and budget analysis, to complete store layout and construction management.

Brewster Buttfield | Founder and Principal
Onsite meeting with Builders